Is 1 job enough in this crunching economy?

By Hashim Chillemba


This is actually a global struggle right now and we as enjoyers and slightly cherishers of Earth are in such a crunch.Today, there are more people with plausible dreams and even more with bigger dreams than our forefathers. Before it was absence of facilitation, thank God we’ve overcome it, but now it’s this sinking economy that limits people from financially reaching for the facilities and flipping their dreams to the expected reality. “Too expensive…”

Narrowing the focus down to SA, life here is just like a F1 race and one will always cross the finish line last if he/she doesn’t make as much as high office doctors, lawyers, accountants, aviators, managers, directors, engineers, successful entrepreneurs, well seasoned entertainers and those in big-world illegal trading. Your salary is average, so is your life. The question whether a single steady job is enough to live comfortably (able to exercise financial righting reflexes) and have a stance in life, if one doesn’t fall under any of the vocations in the list above – unless some are perhaps omitted – please do get a second job if you can. There is no means in today’s world for an ordinary pay to buy anyone an extraordinary lifestyle and that’s a flawless fact.

Things in SA have become so pricey the glimpse of the next 5 economic years shake the lashes right off people’s lids. One enters a low-end store with R100.00 and literally exits with three household products if not just one, will one’s money get the chance to be touched by children’s schools, or a shoe shopkeeper when the current footwear is seedy, a high-end retailer maybe? When? Every single time one thinks of replacing the dilapidated sofa in the house the void fridge makes a louder shriek than the famished baby’s cry. The budget works out perfectly as often as we see a person with a natural tail, how is one job enough? Now even the writer of what’s before your eyes is rethinking. Let’s take not of where we currently are number one, if we feel short for life, let’s get taller with that job number two. Economy is the type of ship that can be winched back to the surface but we’ve got to be there first. All the best to today’s survivors and may their best befriend the worst of this ship’s victims.

A second job? Good thought really!

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