20 white celebrities with booty


20: Jayonna Fabro
Jayonna is built like a brick house, with a 43-inch dumper about as circular as the letter “O’s” in Ohio, her home state. Needless to say, this video model has a giant backyard.


19: Melody Jai
This Atlanta resident of German descent bills herself as the “Original Whooty Girl” (White Girl + Booty = Whooty). No arguments here. Jai, shook up cyberspace in 2009 with nothing more than a boom box, a webcam and her remote-controlled butt muscles, which leading scientists believe will be a growing source of natural energy in the near future.


18: Joanna Shari
Yes, it would technically be wrong to call this model an “Italian stallion,” since a stallion is a male horse. But then, “Italian mare” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, now does it? (It doesn’t even rhyme. Duh!) A part-time graphic designer, Shari herself is naturally designed with more cushion for the pushin’.


17: Erica Langston
When you’re on a reality television series called Bad Girls Club, a show about troublemaking ladies doing what they do best, it’s only a matter of time before sex tapes from some of the the cast start poppin’ up. One of Erica’s digital romps (yeah, she’s got one more than one… we told you she was a bad chick) recently got sold to Vivid Entertainment, and, although we haven’t seen it, we assume most of the humpin’ action will involve Erica’s humongous, um, hump. Hell yeah!


16:Allison Baver
Everybody considers the “Miracle on Ice” to be Team USA’s improbable victory over the powerhouse Soviets during the 1980 Winter Olympics. That is until United States speed skater Allison Baver hit the rink. With her giant bon-bons packed neatly into her skinsuit, it’s a minor miracle that Allison hauls as much ass as she does, and looks great doing it.


15: Mena Suvari
After initially scoring hits with American Beauty and American Pie (both in 1999), the last decade of Mena’s filmography has sort of fizzled. Honestly, she was out of sight and out of mind until Google directed us to pictures of her on the beach. As evidenced by those paparazzi shots, you could say she and her money-maker are ready for a major comeback


14: Kate Beckinsale
According to Internet gossip, Beckinsale doesn’t particularly like her modest bump, even going so far as demanding a stand-in for a shower scene in the (appropriately-titled) film Whiteout. That’s a damn shame, because there’s a lot of potential back there. And let’s be honest, it’s nowhere as huge as she thinks it is. Forget the stump doubles and unleash the beast, woman!


13: Stacy Keibler
Professional wrestling divas are, thankfully, more bombshell than butch, even if their in-ring skills leave much to be desired. The hottest WWE alum of them all is Stacy Kiebler, a long-legged blonde whose rump is tough enough to make us submit on sight. Wouldn’t you love to pile-drive her?


12: Tanya Lieder aka Sexi Barbie
This real-life Barbie may be more plastic than real, but best believe some rapper, pro baller or other type celebrity is trying to tap that as we speak. Speaking of Barbies, Tanya Lieder has an ass to rival Nicki Minaj’s, two ginormous orbs that probably get her as many free drinks as she desires up in the club.


11: Coco
Ice-T famous wife with a booty that has been debated on if is real that the owner went and did a screen test to prove to the masses that the booty is really hers, and you know the booty got when the girl can cheat on you and you still keep her


10: Lady Gaga
It took a while for us to notice that Gaga got booty to make us go gaga because of her hideous outfits and after we saw it things have not been the same, and now that her popularity is dying down, let’s hope she’ll show us more of that booty


9: Jennifer Love Hewitt
All over the world Americans are now known as “fat Yanks.” Maybe the reason the country has an obesity problem is that we don’t exercise because we’re too busy online criticizing celebs who gain weight. The lovely Jennifer has been under scrutiny for years for her fluctuating figure, drawing the most wrath from those who have been sweating JLH since Party of Five. (More like a party of five fingers, you losers. Just kidding.) Sure, cellulite ain’t sexy, but we’re loving Love stuffing them thick thighs and bodacious biscuits into some jeans.


8: Jenna Shea
Don’t ask us about Jenna’s beefs with Yung Berg and ex-BFF Kat Stacks, we’re too busy checking out her 34-23-41 frame to care much about the drama. The curvy Inglewood, CA native is apparently in the hip-hop scene, but all we’ve seen is an ass so phat you can see it from the front.


7: Rachel Bilson
While certainly not enormous, Bilson’s backside fits the cliche, “Big for a White girl.” This alum ofThe O.C. doesn’t show off her duff that much, but when you do see it it’ll make you think they should change the name of Orange County to Onion County


6: Amazin’ Amie
She’s like a Coco 3.0, with an immense posterior so mind-bogglin’ it looks like she’s smuggling a basketball underneath her painted-on dresses. (We love to see her dribble.) Admittedly, most of her photo spreads are ridonkulously airbrushed, but hey, don’t hate the playerette, hate the game


5: Courtney Black
Courtney is white, her last name is Black, and baby’s got back like she was black. A hardworking video vixen (she’s been in every single hip-hop video since 2005… no really, she has) as well as an urban magazine cover girl, this exquisite hottie, whom the Wu-Tang would call a “French Vanilla” (if this was still 1995), is actually part English and Hungarian. Who knew that fish ‘n’ chips and whatever they eat in Hungary was the perfect recipe for producing voluptuous Caucasian women?


4: Britney Spears
Before she went bat-shit crazy, Britney drove dudes crazy with dat azz, making her a true trailblazer (tailblazer?) of the WGs with booties movement. During her time in the public spotlight, all-American Brit has lost some hair and been up and down the charts, but thankfully her arse has remained the same—massive.


3: Nelly Furtado
Don’t let the singing in Spanish throw you off, this toned Canadian songstress of Portuguese ancestry is not Latina, even though she does rep skin-tight pants like nobody’s business and her plump rump is quite fantastico! Now who out there knows how to translate “Nelly’s ass is whoa!” into Portuguese?


2: Jessica Biel
Never mind that the ever-so-fit Jessica Biel has hardly had an Oscar-caliber career. That matters very little when you consider that pretty face, not to mention those golden globes she fits in the different sweatpants she wears to the gym every day. Besides, Academy Awards pale in comparison to those hot five-minute Interweb clips of movies like I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and Powder Blue that only show the best parts of her movies (you know, the moments where you can see her astounding assets, sometimes even in slo-mo). Jessica B. is an A-Lister. (If you haven’t guessed, the A stands for “Amazing Ass.”)

kim k 7

1: Kim Kardashian
Ha! Who else to top a White Girls With Ass list?!? But, it begs the question: Are Armenians white? Should a fourth-generation Armenian with an ass that just might be the G.A.O.A.T. top a list of White Girls With Ass? And she’s only half Armenian. So maybe half her ass? And if so, which half? These are just the sorts of arguments that went on in the Complex offices while we compiled this list. We consulted a variety of sources, and came to a simple conclusion: It pretty much depends on who you ask. And if you ask us, homegirl goes on any list that includes that “With Ass” modifier. So yeah, when our Hottest Rocket Scientists With Ass List drops in a couple months, expect that we’ll confer an honorary degree on Kimmy. And her ass.

Source: www.complex.com

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