25 R&B songs that will turn a lady into a freak

By Ayanda Sibindi


Depending on the chemistry and the way you make her feel, a woman might take time to be sexually free with you to a point where she’ll unleash her inner freak and bring out all her sexual fantasies to life, so I decided to compile a number of songs that might bring out that freak in her because sometimes all it takes is for her to hear that one particular song that she likes and dances to provocatively in front of the mirror at home and her inner freak will be unleashed, so take note and include the following songs into your playlist next time she comes around:

1. Rock the boat –Aaliyah
With a chorus like “ I Want You To Rock The Boat, Work It In The Middle, Change Positions For Me, Stroke It For Me, Stroke It For Me” how can you go wrong?

2. Naughty girl- Beyonce
This one has been known to make girls start convulsing as if they’re possed by the Sasha fierce spirit, so just put this one on and see

3. Freakum dress- Beyonce
Another one from Beyonce that will make her feel like B in the video for this song

4. Drunk in love-Beyonce
Now this one is the ultimatum song that does things to women, this makes the freak comes out even on the dance floor, so imagine what it can do behind closed doors with some wine in the system.

5. Partition – Beyonce
Another one from Queen B that will make her turn up.

6. Oh –Ciara feat Ludacris
Sometimes all it takes is the rhythm of the song that dictates the freak in her and this is just one of those songs

7. Promise – Ciara
Another one of those that will make her want to just grind on you because of the bounce of the beat.

8. Love Sex Magis- Ciara
The title says it all, trust me you will never go wrong.

9. Ride-Ciara
I don’t care is she’s stiff as a board, when this song comes on she has to do things to you, she just have to!!!

10. Sexyback- Justin Timberlake

The strings alone on this is enough to turn her on, is just one of those songs that will take her to freakyland instant.

11. Motivation- Kelly Rowland
My personal favourite right here, this will definitely turn her into a freak on the edge and there will be no limits for that day.

12. You remind me of something- R.Kelly
Now what will a freaky playlist be without the king of bump & grind? We start it off with this smooth and groovy song that will turn her out

13. Half on a baby- R. Kelly
This is one of those to slow things down and just grind the night away type of songs

14. 2nd Kelly –R. Kelly
R.Kelly also has a tendency to turn men into super freaks, and this song is one of them.

15. Don’t say no tonight- R.Kelly
This will have the two of you grinding the night away

16. Feelin on you booty- R.Kelly
R.Kelly just knows how to slow things down but still keep the tempo bouncy enough to turn you on

17. Imagine that- R.Kelly
Actually R.Kelly’s entire collection if filled with 75% songs to turn her into a freak and this song is just one of those songs

18. S&M – Rihanna
With lyrics like “Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it, Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But chains and whips excite me” how can you go wrong?

19. Skin- Rihanna
One of those to slow things down but keep the engine running smoothly.

20. Rude boy- Rihanna
This one is high up the list of freakiness, play her this one and just sit back and watch

21. Birthday cake- Rihanna
Bad girl Riri is the queen of bringing out the freak side of most females, and this song just proves that.

22. Roc me out – Rihanna
The title says it all, that is exactly what she wants you to do.

23. Power it up- Rihanna
Rihanna’s ultimate freaky song, just play this and watch the spirit of bad girl come to life.

24. Nice and slow- Usher
One of those bump and grind songs, you will never go wrong with usher

25. Pussy is mine
This is the one you play to break the ice and add a bit of humour, trust me after playing this she’ll know what’s up and her guard will be down

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