7 Things That Makes A Woman A Nando’s In Bed

By Mandla Fakude

Most times during sex, the pressure is always on the man to perform miracles that even Pastor Chris can’t even phantom, I mean you are supposed to do everything in your power to make sure the woman is 100% satisfied, but what happens when you come across a woman who just lays there, a woman that we like to refer to as a Nando’s in the black community, do women ever consider the fact that they could be the ones that are bad in bed? They all want to be the sex kitten for their man desires and always expect the man to knock them off their feet, But the truth is most women are not as good as you think they are. Signs of being bad in bed can sometimes be subtle, and yet very obvious. But, recognizing the signs can be difficult. Read on to find what makes a woman a Nando’s in bed:

1. Passivity
Men refer to women who just “lie there” as Nando’s, Dead Fish and even Sperm Dish. It’s not true that men just want an orifice and nothing else. Men want and need to know that the woman is really into having sex specifically with them. See what a lot of guys long for below:

“Show some enthusiasm. We want you to be as into it as we are. It makes us want to try new things and figure you out a bit.”
“The most boring thing a woman can do is not move. It’s even worse if she is totally silent.”
“There’s nothing worse than a chick that just lies there…might as well be doing it with a pillow.”
“When she doesn’t touch you, but lets you do whatever.”
“Not giving feedback. Make some noise, something.”
You’ve got to meet a man halfway during sex. Participate.

2. You act like you’re doing him a favour
So you think that men love sex more than women? And also that women take full advantage of this wrong notion? But hey you are not doing him a favour! Showing zero enthusiasm during sex and making it look like charity only makes you bad in bed

3. You are self-conscious
Most black women are a bit conscious of what they want to do in bed. But being afraid of going stark nude, having sex with lights on or not letting your partner touch you in certain places definitely gives out the sign that something is wrong. To really enjoy sex, you have to be comfortable in your own skin

4. You’re too quiet
If you’ve watched adult films, you know what we are talking about. While this comes naturally to most girls, but if you’re too quiet, it can be a little problematic. You don’t have to scream like a porn star as that will seem too fake, but don’t be so quiet that it seems you’re not there at all

5. You don’t take control
Remember this, girls: it’s not your partner’s job to take control all the time. It’s not his duty, like most women think it to be. When you’re incredibly passive, it’s not fun. Don’t just lie there and make him feel like he’s making love to a dead body. Be dominant and aggressive, once in a while.

6. Lack of oral sex and steamy foreplay
No explanation needed. It’s an important part of the repertoire for almost every guy, nothing turns a man on like a woman who doesn’t wait to be told what to do during sex but does whatever she wants with her man’s body, sort of like making it her playground. not just a kiss on the mouth and neck and then she expects penetration to start.

7. You’re afraid to try new things
When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you tend to have comfortable (read: lazy) sex. That’s not a bad thing, but too much of vanilla sex gets boring after a point. If you’re not willing to be adventurous in bed, you may end up making the experience bad. There’s nothing wrong in trying new stuff, girl!

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