Do we have to copy everything from America?

By Hashim Chillemba

There is only one plant every living being is helplessly addicted to and always high on, it’s called BETTER.

All great retail companies CEOs tightly squeeze this in their pockets: How do I yank consumers into loving my product. In regard to that America is the greatest CEO. Somehow, it succeeded to convince the rest of the world what they do or even say is better that ever, the best. Playing the world to the same universal addiction the best of their best rehab centres can never rinse off anyone in and out of America.

We all aware without a thing to show for it claims are nothing but noises to be ignored until dialled down, so the great CEO again played, still does, the title role almost perfectly; whether the eye-sticking gadgets and contraptions, disease-beheading pharmaceuticals, architectural feats are acquisitions from their foreign victims or native, they’ve got them and are loudly using and sharing them when bored only to prove to the entire world the perpetual cliché ‘they’re the best’. Succeeded, aaagain.

This follow-America idea is so deeply implanted in the subconscious of the rest of the world it’s become miles beyond automatic. A feeling actually that sadly brutally pushes the followers to voluntarily defy logic – mass hypnosis maybe – and it’s best described by a mini survey this writer conducted: 30 people were asked to assert which one of two is brighter, a white dot in a black background or a black dot in a white background? 10% answered equally bright and we are proud, the rest actually picked a difference. In some way, one of the two is or feels brighter. It’s the same for America if it were one of the dots, amazing! The world admits America is better, why not get a fix? No one will think blamed of you it’s simply, well life.

It’s a player friendly game, when one is addicted to something and one knows who’s holding it one WILL follow that person. Simple enough? Then go ahead and substitute the variables, done? There you have it the answer to the question in hand. There must be more minor (or major) reasons but the simple and main is believed outlined.
Lend me a hand to tie this up with a guy rope or whatever, though an implied force is laid above nobody is directly put under duress by anyone to follow the United States’ ways, it’s a choice, and it’s not so bad when practiced reasonably.

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