Should You Dump Your Partner In The New Year If You’re No Longer Happy?


The beginning of January is a funny time of year. After the distractions of Christmas, it comes loaded with the promise of change and new beginnings – not least of all when it comes to relationships

Apparently it is a time when people not only reassess their bodies, bank accounts and careers but take a long hard look at their relationships too – with Relate getting more calls in January than any other time of the year.

There is, of course, no such thing as the perfect relationship. However, as January 1 approaches some people become aware that, not only do they no longer fit into their ‘comfy’ jeans after too many mince pies and turkey sandwiches, but that they are in relationships which don’t fit very well either.

So what to do?

Consider whether it is simply the new year hysteria making you reconsidere your relationship options.

Undeniably people put too much pressure on themselves to be in an ‘ideal relationship’ however, sometimes certain yearly events act as a wake up call and should be used as such.

Being a time of year when people are encouraged to do absolutely nothing but be in each other’s company 24/7 doing nothing but eat and watch bad TV, I doubt there is a couple in the country who haven’t got on each others nerves a little bit over the last few weeks.

Nothing spells disaster like your boyfriend horizontal watching Top Gear Christmas specials on loop while he developed a closer relationship with a box of Quality Street than with you.

However if the idea of being on a packed commuter taxi on your way to a job you hate is preferable to another 24 hours with your partner, then yes, it might be time to cut your looses and make for the proverbial hills.

Bear in mind however, when making New Year’s relationship resolutions, that they can be hard to keep and just as one should be 100 per cent about shifting those yuletide pounds when committing to a year’s gym membership – when ditching your partner because it’s the new year, make sure that, when the dust settles, it wasn’t just his over-enthusiasm for charades that tipped you over the edge.

Yes, the new year is full of promise and high expectations but then, nobody is perfect.

Thinking of dumping your partner in the new year? Knock yourself out, but make sure your intentions are there to stay – when we’re constantly being sold the ‘ideal relationship’ dream, it’s easy to get swept up in the promise of perfection, which, in the new year or otherwise, is very rarely a reality.

Think carefully, be sure and for heaven’s sake don’t do it on the New Year’s Day – drowning your sorrows in a pub on the January 1 – that’s going to tip anyone over the edge.

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