How And Why Spring Is Most Likely To Affect Your Relationships In A Bad Way!!!

To those of you who have significant others, watch out! We’re now entering the year’s second highest break-up time, second … Continue reading

Date posted: September 15, 2015

Almost 40% Of Women Use Their Period As An Excuse To Get Out Of Lame Things

An online study of 1,000 women has found that 38% of women have used our menstrual cycle as an excuse … Continue reading

Date posted: September 9, 2015

Do You Think Women Will Run The World One Day?

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Date posted: August 20, 2014

The Future Is Looking Expensive, You NEED A Side Hustle

Life  can be very expensive these days, I mean VERY expensive!!! Anyone unfortunate enough to not have millionaires for parents will … Continue reading

Date posted: August 13, 2014

Tattooing Your Lover’s Name Is Just Plain STUPID!!!

Kekeletso Moloi A tattoo is a permanent mark. Let me repeat that…permanent mark. Yes, you can have laser surgery (very … Continue reading

Date posted: June 25, 2014

Do we have to copy everything from America?

By Hashim Chillemba There is only one plant every living being is helplessly addicted to and always high on, it’s … Continue reading

Date posted: May 13, 2014