By Kekeletso Moloi


After my 20 something years of living in this world full of sin and dating man from all walks of life,  I’ve came to the conclusion that most man don’t really  know what it takes to satisfy a woman sexually  and some of them don’t even give a damn, as long as he bust his nut his good. I know for a fact that for most man, the achievement for them or should I say the satisfaction peak for them is when they manage to get at least 3 rounds during sex and I think somehow in their minds they think “she has to be satisfied by now, 3 rounds?”…. if only they knew how wrong they are.

Sometimes I cringe when I think of all the crappy sex I had to settle for in my early twenties, how a guy would just play me some Usher and R.Kelly, kiss me on the mouth, neck and breasts, put his dick inside my precious jewel and thrust for 15 minutes or so, take his final ahhh moan and then that was it. After each and every encounter it felt good but the smart girl in me knew that this was not the peak, something was missing and it wasn’t up until I met this wonderful guy who was a bit older than me by a few years and he rocked my boat so damn good I had my 1st orgasm at the age of 21, after 2 years of having sex nogal. It was the first time a man caressed and kissed my whole body so gentle while stimulating every bit of my being, the way he kissed my ears, my neck, his tongue on my nipples, the way he caressed and gently kissed my inner thigh and the way his lips handled the lips of my precious jewel and all, this went on for a good 40 minutes that by the time he penetrated me I was already 60 % satisfied. I knew from that day that this is what my heart has been longing for all these years and this and more is what my heart will always settle for going forward.

Then afterwards he taught and showed me what I must do to him, to think that I used to think I would never perform oral sex on any guy because it’s disgusting, that day I found myself indulging in it and loving it and it made me realise that it takes the right kind of man to bring out the sex goddess in you.


I know that there are some fundamental differences in men and women when it comes down to sex (other than the obvious ones). While these don’t apply to everyone by any stretch of the imagination, there apply to many. First, men tend to enjoy multiple occurrences of short sex. Guys like having sex for 15-30 minutes, 2-3 rounds a day and 5-6 times a week. Most women tend to enjoy a single instance or 2 rounds, with a lot of foreplay involved and would be happy having sex 3-4 times a week if it was actually satisfying. Let’s face it, it is easier to bring a man to sexual satisfaction than it is for a woman. Women tend to enjoy the build-up, the anticipation, and the foreplay just as much as the climax. I truly believe that as a female who is well matured and knows her worth in this day and age, settling for crappy sex should be a crime in your books, but as a woman you first must know what is the best sex for you and what needs to be done in order for you to be satisfied and then the most important thing is “COMMUNICATION”. You have to be able to teach your man if his not doing it right because he might have picked up some skills along the years which he thinks makes his dick game the best, forgetting that each and every woman is different. Generally I can tell you this though: women need to feel valued, safe and have some sort of connection with you for them to fully enjoy the sex, and I cannot stress how much being spontaneous helps, like once in a while just start her early – send a few text messages during the day telling her what you want to do to her and how much you enjoy it, make her feel like you’re looking forward to HER or have sex in a different place other than the bedroom and one thing I always say is men need to be kind, polite, considerate and really enjoy the foreplay before rushing into putting a condom on and  busting a nut. If I know you’re “into me” sexually, that’s half the battle………then I’m into you too – and it all works together from there.


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