We bring you the most down to earth young lady with the beauty and the brains to match, Chantelle Van Zyl

1. Tell us where you from and describe yourself briefly

Originally from Kimberly but now residing in Lawley, am a down to earth girl who loves soccer and clothes and I’m much more of a homebody because I don’t really like the attentition I get when I decide to go out and I’m very spiritual.

2. why did you join A.M.B Girls

I truly believe in the version and I think is about time that we have company that represent real African woman

3. What kind of work are interested in doing with A.M.B girls

Strictly no videos but I would love to act, do promotions and have a shot at presenting

4. What does it mean to you being an African woman in this day and age

It means taking ownership of who you are and loving yourself entirely and not relying on any man for your future.

5. future plans, what do you see yourself doing in the near future

currently I’m working for a logistics company but I goal is to have my own logistics company cause I don’t see myself working for another person for ever

6. which publication, radio show or tv show have you appeared on

I have just been to a few auditions, nothing major yet

7. What do you do for fun

Watch a lot of soccer with my brother, shop and read books and magazines

8. single or involved



1. Favourite body part on a man

Since I watch a lot of soccer, I’m pretty obsessed with the legs and chest

2. what do you look for in a man

I learned very early that looks don’t mean shit, so I prefer knowing the heart and nature of a person

3. What do you think makes a relationship last

There’s no recipe as such but you have to get the basics right like communication, transparency and all

4. Male SA celeb you have a crush on

Trevor Noah

5. I’m sure you get hit on a lot, give us a few of the most odd stories or pickup lines you’ve heard

This guy once walked up to me and asked me that what do I like more, me looking at him or him looking at me, lol

6. do you want to get married and how many kids do you want

Yes, 3 kids

7. favourite body part

my eyes and legs
8. which woman inspires you the most in S.A

Wendy Luhabe

9. If you won 5 million, what would you do with it.

Buy property, invest and donate

2 options questions

1. Beyonce or Rihanna
Bad girl Riri
2. Jay-z or Nas
3. Khanyi Dhlomo or Basetsana Khumalo
4. Lunga Tshabalala or Sizwe Dhlomo
5. Hip Hop or House Music
Old school kwaito and hip hop
6. Generations or Isibaya
7. Big, medium or small
Mmmh, I’ll go with large please
8. BMW or Merc
9. Club or house party
10. Light skin or dark skin man
Doesn’t matter
11. 90 days rules or it depends on chemistry
12. Zuma or Thabo Mbeki
Thabo Mbeki
13. Julius Malema or Dr Malinga
I love Juju
14. Trevor Noah or Loyiso Gola
15. Dog or cat
Big dogs

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