Introducing you to Makhosazana “Khoci” Hlatshwayo


1.Tell us where you from and describe yourself briefly?

I’m from the East Rand. I’m a Fun person but have my moments from time to time cause some say I’m really moody, but I am a good listener, I love being around people but enjoy my space as well LOVE soccer, poetry, hanging out meeting new people and of cause taking lots and lots of pictures.

2.why did you join A.M.B Girls?

To embrace my African trend and to show people that their isn’t anything wrong with being thick or being a brownie too. #teamThickNdBrownie#

3.what kind of work are interested in doing with A.M.B girls?

Acting, presenting, catalogues for thick woman and advertisements

4.What misconceptions do people have about you?

That I’m moody lol( truth is I love my space and I get bored and irritated easily) and that I’m arrogant

5.what does it mean to you being an African woman in this day and age?

Wow. I’d say it simply means empowerment, liberty, knowing the worth of my opinions. Embracing my femininity with no limitation. Knowing that I matter and am worthy.


6.future plans, what do you see yourself doing in the near future?

To finish off my studies and hopefully venture into logistics course too.

7.In your years of living so far, what have you learned about life?

That life ke bopelo and bopelo ke life. Its really rough out there

8.What do you do for fun?

Hang out and take pictures

9.single or involved?


10.Favourite body part on a man?

His Hands (must be beautiful)

11.what do you look for in a man?


12.What do you think makes a relationship last?

Communication and understanding

13.Male SA celeb you have a crush on?


14.I’m sure you get hit on a lot, give us a few of the most odd stories or pickup lines you’ve heard?

I never pay attention to such

15.Do you want to get married and how many kids do you want?

Yes yes yes but not now mmmmm 4(2 girls and 2boys)

16.favourite body part?

My eyes

17.which woman inspires you the most in S.A?

My mother

18.If you won 5 million, what would you do with it?

Place my lil sister in the best school, build a beautiful house for my mom, start a business with my big brother and invest the rest

19.On which social network can people interact with you?

Facebook:Makhosazana Zamahayise Plumpie Hlatshwayo
Twitter: @Zama_Hi_Sir
And google talk: makhosazana hlatshwayo


      2 options questions

1.Beyonce or Rihanna?
Nicki Manija

2.Jay-z or Nas?

3.Khanyi Dhlomo or Basetsana Khumalo?
Basetana khumalo

4.Lunga Tshabalala or Sizwe Dhlomo?

5.Hip Hop or House Music?

6.Generations or Isibaya?

7.BMW or Merc?

8.Club or house party?

9.Zuma or Thabo Mbeki?
Lol EFF (so none)

10.Julius Malema or Dr Malinga?

11.Trevor Noah or Loyiso Gola?
Trevor Noah

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