By Khuliso “Khukz” Maano


“A little over a year ago I was in bondage, and now I’m back out here reaping the blessings and getting the benefits that go along with it, everything that’s out here for kings like us. The reason why we like this, this jewellery and this diamonds and stuff, they don’t understand is, because we really from Africa, and that’s where all this stuff come from. And we originated from kings, you know what I’m saying? So don’t look down on the youngsters because they wanna have shiny things. It’s in our genes, know what I’m saying? We just don’t all know our history” – PIMP C


Now the first time I heard the above statement was on a song by Jay Z called FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt, but because of the excitement for the new Jay Z song, I never really paid attention to what the late Chad Lamont Butler, famously known as Pimp C was saying on this spectacular  intro. It was after a few days I started to digest the gems that Pimp was saying and it opened my eyes to a few things about us, when I say us I mean we as black people, why we do the things we do and why we do them in such a distinctive way. Now am not about to go and dig deep into our African history and all that but I just want to highlight and bring a few things to light which I feel like should be magnified. “The reason why we like this, this jewelry and this diamonds and stuff, they don’t understand is, because we really from Africa, and that’s where all this stuff come from” – Pimp C, this statement right here makes a lot of sense in so many ways and if you come to think of it will give you a bit of clarity as to why we as Africans love our jewellery and nice shiny things as much as we do, cause we really were Kings before we were colonized. Wearing gold and having gold ornaments was a sign of wealth and royalty, so wearing jewellery is something that will always be in our genes and so if you still rock jewellery don’t ever feel embarrassed or feel like you’re doing too much, just embrace it and know what you’re doing is your embracing your Africanism, is deeper than walking around with 2 chains.


Another thing that I noticed while riding around my beautiful neighbourhood of Soweto is my fellow black brothers riding around in their shiny cars with 19 inch rims with music playing loud as f*ck and  it dawned on me that we  don’t just  play our music loud for the hell of it, this is something that was embedded in us centuries ago when our forefathers used to play drums and horns all night for entertainment or cultural practices, so why would you expect us as their descendents to play our music with the volume level on level 12? We have to play our music on high volume…I mean who are we to fu*ck up tradition?


There’s so many thing we do or like that we don’t really know where it originated from, like why our woman prefer big apparatus, why black man love big butts, why we love meat so much, why we always greet and embrace one another  and why we love buying expensive things…etc, I can go on and on but I just wanted to share what that Pimp C statement made me realise and I know some people might see it as if I’m stereotyping but no, is deeper than that, the point I’m trying to drive home is next time you see a young black man wearing 2 gold chains or playing his music loud in his VW Polo, don’t look down on him….it’s in his genes.

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