Let’s just call it traditional behaviour

By Nkululeko Mtshali

the one

Choice Assorted biscuits.

It’s a darkie’s thing; these are the things that have become tradition in the black community although there is no explanation behind them. I think we should call it traditional behaviour.
Christmas may be a long time from now but we all know it’s the jolliest day especially in our black communities. I think in most, if not all families it’s not Christmas if there is no box of ‘CHOICE ASSORTED BISCUITS’. It has become such a tradition that on Christmas day every household must have a box of Choice assorted biscuits. Well no one knows exactly how this became a tradition but come Christmas time every household ekasi will have choice assorted.


Generations Soapie

Another thing that has become a norm in black community is SABC1’s Generations Soapie. Whether you have DSTV or not, ekasi or emaplazini come 8:00 PM the TV would be tuned to Generations, well I stand to be corrected on this one, some may call me a stereotype but almost every “darkie” in S.A has watched Mfundi Vundla’s master piece GENERATIONS



Everyone will agree with me on this one, SINGING. Wether its a funeral,wedding,party or anything that would have us gathered together you must know there will be always singing, I mean even our own president led the congregation in song(probably the first president in the world to do so) at the funeral of former south african president Dr. Nelson Mandela. So whether the occasion is a jolly one or sad one if we are gathered together there will always be song or should I say singing. Well that’s MZANSI and like TKZee said “we love this place”



STOKVEL…… Well I don’t think anyone can say they have never heard of this word in S.A. Stokvel originates from the english word “stock fairs”. There are different types of stokvels but the 2 most common types are Grocery stokvel and Party stokvel.
Grocery stokvel; the name speaks for itself, contributions are made every month or weekly then end of the year they do massive grocery shopping. Party stokvel well, its like a party where the members contribute money for entertainment and refreshments and get to sit down and catch on life, but for the most part these kind of stokvels are set up in order for the members to contricute money monthly so that they can assist each when one of them has a funeral or family crisis

Well this is what makes us so unique as oDarkie.

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