By Kekeletso Moloi


I write this articles from the bottom of my broken, crushed, stitched and mended heart that is still in recovery and before uphapha, I’m not being hypocritical or stereotyping our fellow handsome light skinned brothers (Lord I love them) I’m just stating facts from my very own experiences with these stress inducing brothers. I don’t know if is fate or is the law of attraction that always brought light skinned men my way throughout my many years of dating and since I’ve always had a weakness for them since my days of being a mean queen in high school, I can testify that out of all the men that I have dated, 90 percent of them were light skinned, I mean who can say no to these ultramel brothers with extra black eyebrows, long eye lashes, black beards and pink lips? Not me……yeah right, this is where I draw the line, to hell with these light skinned men!!!!!

First of all, there’s a lot of bullshit you have to deal with when dating from the ultramel nation, firstly we start with the issue of most of them being arrogant, I think somewhere between the compliments and 15 hours a day of mirror usage, they start believing that they can take Jay-Z’s wife or Khune’s blonde chick, really now? Secondly most of them are short, I mean I had to refrain myself from wearing my 7 inch heels when we went out on dates or events and settled on wearing pumps, imagine? Most of them can’t even stand up for you in public, take this one for example….there I was with my ex and this yellow cousin in Soweto Chaf Pozi  and some dirty looking guy came up to me when I was coming back from the ladies and he tried to talk me up but I told him he doesn’t stand a chance plus I’m with my boyfriend, but he was too much of a dickhead to care and kept walking with me up until I reached the point where my so called “boyfriend” and his ultramel cousin where situated at, sensing that I was now safe I then changed the tone of my voice and physically pushed the vandal off and that is when shit hit the fan as he grabbed me by my arm and said to me “Heei wena sfebe wenzani” that grip made me sober so up quick and all I could hear was my ex and his cousin saying some sweet “why can’t we just get along” type of words, it wasn’t up until the guys standing next to us came to my rescue and man handled the dirty vandal guy harassing me and I tell you that is when I started to strongly question this ultramel nation. Another point is that the chances of them cheating on you are very high because everywhere they go they’re like the light skinned Keith Sweat to these rachets and one last point which is very important that you ladies must know before telling your friends that famous stupid quote of “He can get it” is that most of them come averagely packaged or kiddly packaged, nothing more. It was just my unconditional love that kept me together throughout my years of dating them.


As I sit and wonder, I always ask myself this question, in return what exactly did I gain from dating light skinned man all these years? Is it good looking ex-boyfriends you can proudly point out in public, did it boost my self-esteem and in return made me conceit like most of them? Wasn’t I the envy of my friends? And most importantly didn’t one of them give me the most adorable light skinned baby boy? Well, yes but my heart is in pain people, all is not well with my soul and don’t you dare come to me with that “all men are the same” bullshit or “the problem is me” garbage, I really tried and I have came to a  conclusion that I’m going to take a break from relationships and take a well deserved break from dating these light skinned men, case closed. Amen!

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