Do Real Friends Still Exist?


By Hashim Chillemba

I was chilling with my buddies sometime early this year and as we were savouring the moment one of them asked me whether I think true friends exist. Now I have no idea why he asked that maybe he doubted one of his friends, maybe he doubted me if I was his true friend.

I’d like all of us to think about it as swell do we still have true friends how do you even measure. Back in the days you could actually measure my parents attested to this, through deeds and speech you could tell you have more than just a friend you have a true one because true friends were known to behave in a particular manner. But nowadays everyone is conniving; people say all kinds of nonsense in a fib form just to keep you smiling so you don’t ever think of turning around to catch them midway to stabbing your vulnerable back. I’m not making it sound more dangerous than it already is no, matter of fact I’m not making it sound like anything at all. It’s not even exactly like that it’s exactly that.

I do have a few people I can call true friends but I for a fact know they could just as much do what fake friends do which hurt me – we just take the risk because it’s human instinct – so in the end it still stands naked and alone and a question? Have true friends gone extinct, or did they ever exist? It’s the type of drug without a single way to beat it. We all addicted and can’t refuse it even if we weren’t. We do need somebody out of our family to trust diaries can’t talk back hence moulds us into extroverts.

I’m starting to fall in love with this you know. Tell you what, watch it! Not television but tele-friends. Closely watch. Again why am I giving out that advice it doesn’t help if you analyse it to the last hair. Sigh.

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