Is there really no sense in calling anymore?

By Hashim Chillemba

Alright I very well know if dialing is to go 1 on 1 with texting on a Rugby field it will lose nil to virtually infinity in this technological urge we depend on. But, frankly dialing isn’t completely a broom stick yet, there is still a point.

Once upon a time technology shared an adjective with today’s old model cars, scarce, but now everyone has their own Jarvis. Don’t you just love Iron Man. Anyway if one thing can replace O2 is a cell phone, agree? It’s THE means of survival – that’s another rubber band for me to stretch some other day. You don’t own a cell phone? The only difference between you and the guy in a body bag is a heartbeat.

It was all call me I’ll call you until dialing was hurled into a dam by a notorious gang comprising of Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM, Twitter etc. Why should I waste my air to call when I can rave about the latest details of the longest Indian movie for up to ten times longer for the exact same amount of airtime? Seriously even if the cost ratio is 1/2c:1min. Okay maybe I can re-rethink that offer, it’s damn amazing. But I see something here, a chance of scoring higher points in relationships BFFs, BFs or just Fs. Since it takes a lot to call somebody for small talk these days, contrary to recent history, we can all use and look at calling as that one special thing one does for another. I know I know it might have always been special since but from my scientific calculations the gravity of it must be stronger now because of the existence of all these social networks. In other words, well word, comparison. So, if you get a call or call today just to say Hi you or that person must be special if you look at it with your binoculars, already got mine. You see? I’ll stop and you should too gawking calling as a man with the Franz Josef walking in a no-beard convention. Let’s make it a trend ladies and gents today’s bugbear in this world of romance. In fact, I’m going to call today I bet my glasses she will feel special.

Join me.

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