By The Asstrologist

As you know by now that we at A.M.B Girls are all about embracing and celebrating females with curvaceous African bodies, we think is only right that we do a rundown of all our South African celebrities with Africa made bodies. The beautiful African queens in this list each have very different African made body types but have one major thing in common: gorgeous, curvy, and unapologetic figures. Some of these women have dealt with unrelenting criticism and speculation about their bodies but not one has succumbed to the pressure to be a stick thin Hollywood cut-out, so we applaud them for that and want them to know  that their much appreciated.

From Actresses, presenters, singers and all those curvaceous celebs some may have grabbed lotion for, we have them all and here is our top 20 South African celebrities with African Made Bodies:

20. Chommie


At number 20 we have ANC’s very own, Jacob Zuma’s favourite refresher after Rooibos and the King of Kwaito’s Beyonce: Chommie must be the 2nd most discussed thing in the ANC’s corridors, right after tenders of course and on behalf of Chommie…I would like to say “Thank you ANC”.

1919. Nonhle Thema

Coming in at number 19 we have Nonhle Thema , even though she’s not working with much, she does have a nice Africanish body and not to mention Nonhle became the global brand ambassador and spokesperson for the leading international brand Dark & Lovely. She is the first celebrity to endorse their body lotion and the first African to represent their brand worldwide. Nonhle can also turn tables around, just ask Young Nucho, pasop!




1818. Khabonina

At number 18 we have Khabonina, the singer, actress and FLEXIBLE dancer. Khabonina is living proof of what a FLEXIBLE African Made Body can do if used properrr, I just can’t wait to buy her fitness DVD and give it to my African queen, maybe we might find the square root of 69 using some of Khabonina’s moves.


17. Thando Thabethe

At number 17 we have the gorgeous Thando Thabethe, actress, presenter and radio DJ and the only reason I  watched “My perfect family”, not only is she beautiful, she’s also a BCom Accounting graduate….clearly she knows how to use her heaD.




1616. Nothende

Okay before I go on I would like to take this moment to let you know that this list is about S.A celebrities with African Made Bodies and not focusing so much on the windscreen, having said all that…coming in at number 16 we have Nothende, besides her beautiful curvaceous body, I personally think she has one of most beautiful voice in the country.



1515. Ntsiki Mazwai

Revolutionary coming in at number 15 is the rebellious soul Ntsiki Mazwai, she might be “wrongo” sometimes but her body never is. Hate her or love her, Ntsiki is here to stay and give us a piece of her lettuced mind and maybe in future if she’s keen we might Marie Claire her on our magazine.




1414. Katlego Danke

Sitting in shyly at number 14 is Katlego Danke a.k.a Dineo Mashaba, even though she hides her physic most times, Asstrologists like me can even see an African Made Body through a Dashiki. On the realz though, this is one classy lady though.




1313. Mmabatho Montsho

For  number 13 I decided revisit my Asstrologist modules from  back in the days and came up with the ever so sweet Mmabatho Montsho a.k.a Lumka, I’m sure most Mandela kids don’t even know her but this is the one right here even though she’s no longer in the public eye, her spot is always reserved.




1212. Lucia Mthiyane

She had to be on this list since I love older woman, plus she’s number 2 on my other, otherr list, and for her age she surely can give the young ones a run for their money. This jazz singer, actress, model and entrepreneur is not only talented in the arts but is also a chef, but I’ll give everything to hear her sing live though.



1111. Khanya Mkangisa

I know for a fact that most guys have been crushing on her for years, because I know for sure that I used to rush home from school to make sure I always catch her on Wild Room, so is refreshing to still see  her do her thing and move thangs when she appears on TV after all these years.



1010. Thembi Seete

Now this is one lady who has been carrying the African Made Body flag for years, from her Boom Shaka days to being an actor, presenter and having her own solo singing career, her and the late Lebo basically broke down the barriers for today’s female artist to perform wearing whatever they want without the boxed in masses calling it female objectification or unafrican.

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