Scared of what the future holds…

By Hashim Chillemba


This same worry I’m having, you are having, whether I’ll make a success of myself or end up having to desperately search for food in bins is the same worry hobos had, scary stuff.

It’s not some will be rich some will be poor it’s a few will be rich just a little more will be ‘average’ and the rest must be poor, again scary stuff. I sometimes wonderingly look at my parent toiling their fingers to the bone – sometimes literally – just to keep me in SA, heck to keep me alive and while at that I question myself; according to 1st World criteria are my parents successful, well-off ‘average’ or downright broke? It’s an unsavoury thing to allow to get hugged by my thoughts but I still do it simply because I hate the idea of scurrying away from reality, I’m not a friend of escapism neither am I an enemy. I’m sure as death you think, I mean worry about your future’s reality too. Sorry to say but you crazy if you disagree after I assert every single of us wants to live the beauty of life and not witness it. To be real with myself I want both (tearing a smile).

I’m tired after fed up of being sick of not knowing what my future holds before it drops it. I see rich people, people who have what I want and it really sucks living in the blindness from seeing if I’ll get it, if only someone could play a clip of my future just a short one don’t care it’s pirated, I just want to know how I will pan out at least 20 years from now. Even if I can’t do anything now to change it i still wanna see, wouldn’t you? And you probably wondering why I persuaded average to wear inverted commas, well I don’t reckon it at all. To me honestly is you’re a bread crump or a whole slice. If a piece is bitten off me then I am no different, I’m just a bigger crump. I guess it’s just the way I choose to look at it. I would like to know yours.

I wrote this not to mope and sob about the frightening fact the future is the real Impossible Cube, I wrote this to just remind you everyone including myself mystery is what makes it all interesting, makes it worth living for and dying for. Love life. Two fingers up!

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