Soweto woman tired of her gigantic hips


JULIA Mokgosi was once pleased with her sexy curves but now she has giant hips, and her life’s a misery.
Julia (43) of Rockville, Soweto told Daily Sun her size 34 hips began growing in 2008 – and didn’t stop. “I’m a size 60 and I feel they’re growing every day,” she said sadly.
“My aunt has to make clothes for me as I can’t find my size at the clothing stores.” Julia said she was told at a hospital to exercise, but that slimmed only her upper body.“When I walk in the street people laugh at me and that makes me feel so small. I am a joke to people. They don’t know the pain I go through.”1002

She often cries herself to sleep. “These hips make my life a nightmare,” she said. Her last job lasted only a few months. “They wanted me to wear pants, but I didn’t have the size so they told me they had to let me go,” she said.“I have to pay for two seats in a taxi as I take up so much space.”
Julia said her boyfriend has been telling her to lose the hips.“I can’t share a bed with anyone because I take up almost the whole bed,” she said

Julia hopes someone can help her reduce her hips as she would like to be a mum one day. “I don’t have kids. I’m afraid I’ll never be a mum because pregnancy might make my condition even worse,” said Julia.
Dr Mandlelele Mhinga of the NHC Health Centre said: “Julia needs to be examined by a doctor to determine the condition she is suffering from.”

SOURCE: Daily Sun

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