Tattooing Your Lover’s Name Is Just Plain STUPID!!!

Kekeletso Moloi

A tattoo is a permanent mark. Let me repeat that…permanent mark. Yes, you can have laser surgery (very painful) or you can change the design, but no matter what you do you will always have a reminder that you had a tattoo. Am I against tattoos? No, not at all. Do I have any? Nope, nor will I ever get any, just my own personal choice. I have a lot of friends and family that have tattoos. After a certain couple got married recently and displayed their love for one another by getting each other’s names tattooed on their body (one was more prominent that the other’s), I thought to myself, Would my love ever be so strong for someone to get their name permanently tattooed on my body?

I can understand people getting the name of a family member or a close friend that’s passed tattooed on their body. Those are bonds that never break. No matter what happens those people will always be connected to you. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about a relationship. I’ve seen too many people get the name of someone they “love” tattooed on their body and then kick themselves when it doesn’t work out. Yet, they are stuck with this person’s name on them. It’s especially bad for the people who get their tattoo in intimate places. When they start a new relationship the next person they are with has to see their ex’s name every time they go to that place. I personally feel there are other ways than getting a name inked into your skin to express love for an individual.

With that being said, let me ask you, would you get “tatted up” for the one you love?

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