By Mandla Fakude



Number 1: Converse All Star “Chuck Taylor”

This is probably the most loved and well known shoe in the whole world, you can from Kuruman to Tokelau in New Zealand, people will know exactly what shoe you’re wearing. The white chucks have also became the biggest fashion item to have today in this  microwave age. Real definition of a classic shoe.


  Number 2: Adidas Shell Toe Sneakers

Another cold classic that started as a basketball sneaker just like Converse All Stars, Adidas can employ the called “creatives” like Jeremy Scott to design the questionable Adidas sneakers like the Original Jeremy Scott Wings and the controversial Roundhouse Mid “Handcuffs”, but to the black nation the shell toe will always be number 1.


Number 3: Nike Cortez

The Cortez is the shoe that ignited the start to placing Nike, Inc. on the pathway to triumph and this is the shoe that introduced the world to the Nike swoosh logo and throughout the years Nike has continue to redesign and design more sneakers based on the blueprint of the Cortez sneakers.


Number 4: Carvela moccasins

Don’t ever! ever! Get it twisted and believe the recent hype that this shoe is shit, this shoe was once a symbol of black excellence amongst my people, I’m talking about the classic black/brown leather or suede ones, not the recent colourful and busy designs and we used to love them mara heei you look tacky wearing them now, but deep down uyazi ndigak’dleli intombi yakho if I was wearing these shoes back in the days.


Number 5: Jordans

I know for a fact that the cool kids and the likes won’t understand why the Js are at number 5, but these sneakers are a good example of what we call slow burner sneakers amongst our black people, I mean these sneakers have been around for ages in Mzansi and I remember there used to have a weak identity and people used to call them “basketball shoes” back in the days but as South Africa evolved, hip hop took over and the born frees became the taste makers and boom! Out of the blue it became cool to wear the Jordan sneakers, shit I even have 4 pairs myself.

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