The Agency offers quality curvaceous, plus size, voluptuous African Queens with unapologetic figures and with best modelling techniques.
Ladies of all Ages in the following categories: Fashion modelling, Magazine modelling and product advertising.


We primarily offer curvy females for television work which includes dramas, films, videos and movies.
We guarantee to give the best actresses and video vixens that are well trained and disciplined  in their undertakings

Event Management

Together with our girls we make memorable and out of this world events. Our main aim is to make extra ordinary events like the ones below:

  1. Theme parties like Leggings party, beach party and LBD parties
  2. Festivals, Concerts, Beauty pageants
  3. Entertainment events Cultural Events


Our promotions will be done in a different way by using curvaceous Promoters who are selling the product via:

Excellent customer service
Their  Beautiful African Made physic and friendliness
Smart and knowledgeable
Well trained