What does Valentine ’s Day mean to a side chick

By Kekeletso Moloi


First of all stop fooling yourself and saying you don’t care about Valentine’s Day and that it’s only celebrated by immature people, because the truth of the matter is that during this month of love, it really hits home that you’re single and is even worse if you’re creeping with someone else’s boyfriend because the chances of him checking on you on this hyped up day are very slim, so don’t even bother by checking your Whatsapp to see if he has texted you because all you’ll see is that annoying “Last seen at” notification. No hun, Valentine’s Day is not a day used to be celebrated in high school only, it’s a day for the lovers that is going to be celebrated for life…the same as Christmas Day, I mean in this day and age where we even throw a party to celebrate a magazine cover or reaching 10 000 followers on Twitter, Valentine’s Day surely will be worse. Now since technically you’re single I think the best thing to do is not to stress so much about this “stupid” day even if it is going to hurt a bit more when the day is over and you’re under the blankets all alone, so I decided to compile a list of things you can do on Valentine’s Day if you’re the side chick rather than calling someone’s boyfriend and asking what about you?

1. If you’re unemployed or not a student, you can just buy some snacks, wine, rent movies and chill out the whole day, don’t even think about logging onto Facebook or Twitter because you will be more depressed.

2. Don’t worry so much if you’re employed because I’m 100% sure that there by your workplace they’re a lot of side chicks and single ladies who will be grouping up and zooming in on whoever coming back from reception with a bouquet of flowers, so you can go to work.

3. No matter what you do, avoid songs by Kelly Price, Adele, Syleena Johnson, Mary J Blige and Jazmine Sullivan because you will just depress yourself further, yoh! Imagine playing As we lay by Kelly Price on Valentine’s day, depression I tell you.

4. I know it might be hard but please don’t call him, please! Just wait for him, I’m sure he’ll send a text nyana!

5. Visit a friend who is single or who’s a side chick as well (preferably a side chick) and arrange for girl’s night out with her, don’t do the group night out thingy cause now ya’ll are going to look more miserable, at least if is just the two of you some curious people might think you guys are lesbians *see*

6. Scroll your phone gurl, I’m sure somewhere there you’ll find a Jabulani or Sikhumbuzo who has been hitting on you for a while, and just go out and tell him that you have no plans for Vday and you don’t feeling like staying in the house. Now this one might sound a bit hoochie but you just have to know how to play the game, firstly make sure you meet at a public place like a restaurant or those fancy Vday picnic events, chill and laugh at his corny jokes and then later on come up with a story that you have to go home quick, just don’t give him the punani gurl.

7. Stay away from social media, and please don’t check his status on any social media that he might be on because the last thing you want to see is his girlfriend’s picture set up as his avatar.
8. No matter what you do, don’t go to the mall, just don’t!!!!

9. When the day is almost over, just have a little meeting with yourself and ask yourself if this is what you deserve, you mean to tell you’re not worthy of your own man, think back to that time when you had your own man and how wonderful it felt and then realign yourself, you deserve better than this.

10. One last thing, PRAY! Just pray and talk to God and tell him what you want…trust me I have been there myself but now I got mine, but please note that father Gawd won’t just jump at your request girl, you first have to get yourself right, love yourself and all things will flow from there.

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