Why Women Will Always Compromise More In The Looks Department Than Men

By Hashim Chillemba
Now there is a topic to play with. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my land where the truth serum is our favourite drink.

If I am to talk for the girls then my close friends would worry if I’ve been lying about my gender all this while so let me talk for the guys; all prefer the full package most would prefer a sexy body over a very cute face. You know that saying people chucked over and over into a cliche? That you can’t have both sexy and facially beautiful well to hell with that because you CAN (in Obama’s voice).

Thing is beauty is precisely the same as colour. They so same, twins quit being a word. They both have shades to it hence my point is it’s entirely possible to have a sexy girl with a pretty face of a certain shade, now that’s what I’d prefer. A little of both or more of the ass. All-most all guys would agree here. From what I’ve observed in my little number of years on Earth I think, as strange and absolutely wrong this may sound, girls are bigger compromisers than guys in this department, heck what am I writing?! Somebody slap me please ‘cause girls are bigger compromise at any rate really. Guys might compromise in their ‘hearts’ or sober minds but very rarely in reality and why? Pride. Yeah you know it nigga, generally we try and try and try and try but it’s just too hard even harder when you got more pride than a group lions. I shall chat more about this to you some other day soon for now…cheers.

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