5 Most Expensive SUV’s That The Whole World Is Waiting For

By Amos Moeti
1. Rolls Royce SUV

We all knew that with Bentley announcing their SUV to arrive in 2016, Rolls (and probably Maybach if they were still alive) would be bound to follow suite. Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW’s man leading Rolls Royce, says ”There are long-term independent studies that say half the world car market – 50 per cent of everything – will be crossovers and SUVs, so it’s our responsibility to look into it. We are seriously analysing a Rolls-Royce in the SUV area.” However, it is believed that many people will not view it as a true Rolls Royce and will look at it much like the Cayenne would be to the Porsche range, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens

2.The Bentley EXP 9 F

The Bentley SUV is due to be launched in 2016. It is key to the brand’s goal to increase annual global sales to 15,000 vehicles by 2018 from a record 10,120 last year. Bentley sales head Kevin Rose said the brand targets annual sales of 3,500 for the SUV, a similar sales volume to the Flying Spur sedan and Continental GT coupe.
Engines will include the 12-cylinder unit currently used in the Flying Spur and Continental range, with a plug-in hybrid version due in 2017, the company said. No decision has been made on the engine that will be mated to the battery pack.

The SUV will be based on the VW’s modular large SUV platform. Codenamed PL37, this will also underpin the next Audi Q7.
Rose said the vehicle will be priced above luxury SUVs such as the Range Rover, which costs 140,000 pounds (160,000 euros) for the most expensive model. “The start point will sit above Range Rover,” Rose said. “We would like to solve the problem of buyers who would like to spend more on an SUV, but currently cannot,”he said.

The SUV’s biggest market will be the United States, followed by China, UK and hopefully South Africa

3.Lamborghini Urus SUV

This new Urus SUV is only a concept for now, and as expected, derives its name from the world of bulls: the Urus – also known as the Auroch – is a ludicrously-shouldered ancestor to today’s cattle.

But this is “the Lamborghini for everyday use, for the family,” we’re told. It is intended to be used as a daily driver, emit a lower CO2 figure than rivals, have space for four adults, for luggage and – shock! – for shopping. Thankfully, Lamborghini has tempered this utility by targeting a 600bhp power output and permanent four-wheel-drive with traction control

4.Aston Martin SUV

Mercedes-Benz chief Dieter Zetsche revealed a possible Aston Martin SUV could utilize the GL-Class platform.
It was 2009 when Aston Martin unveiled the Lagonda concept at the Geneva Motor Show and now almost five years later a production model is still being considered. Mercedes-Benz is willing to lend its GL-Class platform for an Aston Martin SUV which is now programmed to come out in 2017. Dieter Zetsche said it’s up to the British marque to decide if they want to use the platform.
An Aston Martin SUV will surely upset purists but nowadays it seems every automaker out there is making an SUV or a crossover.
5. The Jaguar C-X17

The Jaguar C-X17 is the company’s first SUV, but it nearly wasn’t so. During its Ford-owned years Jaguar planned a model based on the third-generation Ford Explorer, but its prospects were scuppered by the delamination of the Firestone tyres on the Mark II Explorer and subsequent roll-over scandal, and the fact that Jaguar’s limited budget was earmarked for new saloon cars.This one is promising because it is set to be released this year.

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