Dating Down – Would You Date A Shorter Man Than You?


Earlier this year, How About We compiled a list of 7 reasons to date a shorter guy. I can’t say that I totally agree with all of them, but number 1 is definitely true:

1. “Handsome” doesn’t have a height requirement. Seriously, a good face and hot body looks just as good at 5’7? as it does at 6’3?.

2. Maybe you’re not a supermodel, but you’ll certainly get to feel like one when you go out with him in heels.

3. A short guy willing to go out with a girl who’s taller than he is confident and probably ok with his girlfriend upstaging him. He’s not too hung up on appearance or machismo. This is a good quality to have in a boyfriend.

4. Uhm, you say Napoleon Complex like it’s a bad thing? Guys with Napoleon complexes are ambitious, capable and driven: they also have learned how to command respect through means other than appearance, all admirable traits. And as for Napoleon himself, well, you know he was sexy as hell, right?

5. And speaking of overcompensating: this is by no means scientific, but the general consensus from women seems to be that guys who don’t necessarily feel the most attractive will often work much harder in bed, whereas the Don Drapers of the world, who are used to being wanted and pursued by women, focus more on the act of receiving pleasure than giving it.

6. Being willing to date a shorter gentleman widely opens up your dating pool. Putting height requirements on your list of potential romantic partners simply means fewer potential bachelors.

7. The best reason to date a short guy is because you’re not a shallow, regressive woman who associates sexual and emotional compatibility with whether or not the guy is a few inches taller, and because you don’t equate your own femininity and sexuality with the notion of being shorter, weaker, than your protective mate. It’s 2012! You have higher (but not taller!) standards now.

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