Girl’s 411 – Chapter 1

By Kekeletso Moloi


1. No hugging and giving air kisses to another girl’s boyfriend when they’re together

Now I know some might say this is just being petty but girls please!!!! I don’t care if you went to pre-school or you donated a liver for him but when I’m boo’d up with him in public, just greet and keep it moving.


2.Don’t ask my man for a ride when I’m not there.

Now this one is from experience, imagine a friend of yours calling your boyfriend at 2:00AM asking him to fetch her from the club because she’s stranded and she needs a ride home, without even consulting you first? Good thing my ex was smart because he called me right after that and I called her and gave it to her proper. So stop it ladies, call a cab or something.


3. No hating on other women that you don’t know.

Ladies, why do we do this? There is no reason to talk badly about a girl that you saw across the room because she’s looking nice or she has a nice body, no reason at all.


4.No borrowing of weaves

This is just nasty, is bad enough that I’m wearing someone else’s hair but on top of that you want to go and borrow some Indian girl’s hair which is now some Zulu girl’s hair? Check yourself.


5.Let’s stop hating on light skinned girls

Since I’m a bit of darker than everyone in my family, I grew up trying my best to be light skinned but after a few years I started to embrace and love myself and my complexion cause I truly believe true beauty comes from within, BUT I made peace a long time ago that light skinned girls will be more glorified and celebrated in our communities and our fellow black man will always miss a step or two when they see a yellowboned thigh, make peace with it ladies.

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