Girl’s 411- Chapter 2

By Kekeletso Moloi


1. Thou shall not cry rape

Now this is a SERIOUS matter and we as females are capable of doing this to get back to a guy who played us. I don’t care if he promised to marry you but instead went on to fuck your yellowbone friend or he said he loved you in order for you to open those Nando’s legs of yours, crying rape must NEVER be your last resort. Just accept that utyiwe and move on hun.


2. Never ask your boyfriend as to when you’re going to meet his family

This is nothing to be rushed ladies, just play your cards right and show your man that you’re in it for the long run, trust me in no time you’ll be meeting your future in-laws.


3. Make sure you settle down with a man who loves you more than you love him.

This code might be underrated but I have been living by this code for years and I have seen and can testify to its wonders, this can be like 60/40 or 70/30 type of thing but always make sure he got the bigger percentage, I tell you no matter how hard these heaux come at him, at the back of his mind he’ll always know that he got something that he loves and adores at home and will lose it if he fucks up.


4. Don’t go around giving your number to every Themba and Jabulani

Most females are guilty of this but in this age of WhatsApp and the likes, it really doesn’t make sense to give a guy your number and then complain that his bothering you with his texts and calls afterwards.


5. You can’t have cleavage, stomach, bum & leg showing at the same time, you gotta pick two at least.

I guess since we’re living in this rachet era and these cool kids are the ones who set the trends, everything goes in the dress code department?!  but I think it all boils down to your own values, what you’re about in life and how you define yourself. On the other  hand, they say If you go it, flaunt it…..but tastefully and classy ladies, PLEASE!!!


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