Girl’s 411- Chapter 3

By Kekeletso Moloi


1, Be a good side chick

If don’t care what you say or how high up the horse you are, but in this life short of real man, you might find yourself being the side chick one day for a while, so when that day comes please play your role well and know the basic rules.


2, No sleep-overs when is that time of the month

The first thing you must do if your boyfriend suggests that you come and sleep over when you’re on your periods is to tell him in advance, don’t go to his place and decide to tell him at 9:00 PM when is time to “sleep” and if he says is fine you can still come over then you must know that his really in the relationship with nothing but good intentions.


3, Some ex-boyfriends you just have to deny
Each and every one of us has that one ex that you regret and what do you do when you him in public and tries make it known that ya’ll have history? Ignore then …Deny! Deny! Deny!


4, Never skip a day without bathing
I don’t know what your mother and aunts taught you but for a female is mandatory that you take a bath/shower each and every day, some will disagree with this and then wonder why their boyfriends don’t go down on them.


5, Never date broke

For women there’s a cut off date for dating a broke and busted guy and you know what that age is? 17-18, as soon as is legal for your sweet thang to be reupholstered by these thirsty bastards, you must start dating someone who got it together or has potential and his story is together nyana, not just plain and dry potential nje.

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