Guy’s 411- Chapter 1

By Tshifhiwa “Chipi” Netshilata



1.Don’t moan louder than the female no matter how good it is

Never get carried away and forget yourself no matter how tight it is and I don’t care how freshly painted the walls are, just keep it on the low and refurbish the walls nicely, as a matter of fact a man must not moan but he must just groan and squeeze his toes.


2.Never say anything negative about another man to a woman.

Now this is bitching at the most highest level there is out there, but we do have exceptions to this code and it only applies if you’re warning your sister, cousin or “friend” about a guy who is bad for them.


3. You’re not a yellow bone chick, answer your phone and reply to texts

This luxury is only tolerated coming from those vain beautiful girls who get the thrill by just giving you their number and then ignore your texts and calls when you try to holla, man up and answer your phone man!!!


4. The windows of a man’s car must always be tinted

This is really a necessity, is it me or do you feel exposed and naked riding in a car that is not tinted? Plus tints make it easy for you and your SC to creep without abo shwashwi getting into your business. Tinted car = Mind your business.


5. Unless is a quickie, no man must bust a nut under 10 minutes.

I know sometimes is hard to hold it in especially if is round 1 or a new girl but you must try by all means to reach the 10 minutes mark at least, plus studies confirmed that the overall average time to bust one is 5.4 minutes between initiation of sex and ejaculation and If all fails, try those thick Dr long condoms and stop embarrassing us.

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