Guy’s 411- Chapter 2

BY Tshifhiwa “Chipi” Netshilata


1. No man should ever carry a woman’s handbag.

No matter how heavy it is or how tired she is, never offer or think about carrying her handbag and no, you’re not being a gentleman by carrying her handbag, that is  what we call being a doucheman *This rule doesn’t apply in Eldos though*


2. Thou shall not play R&B music when riding with the fellas.

Is bad enough we got Drake now who is able to pump you up with  Started from the bottom and then turn around and make things awkward  with Hold on we’re going home while playing his CD with the fellas, but to go all R&B while you’re cruising with your friends is just on a  whole different level of moist.


3. No man must die without ever stepping foot inside a strip club.

If you’re reading this and you have never been to strip club, is time to have a sit down with the fellas, decide on the date and which strip joint to go to, now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to strip club, order some food & drinks, have a sit and enjoy the hard on for the night and go home, or in some clubs you can even have that hard on taken care of swiftly, the choice is yours.


4. Never let a female cut your hair.

You might ask yourself why not, well first of all I don’t know which tribe you’re from but me as an African man, letting a woman cut your hair is highly prohibited and only the grannies are allowed to cut chiskop on boys while their still young. Lastly not only will you be breaking the guy code, you’ll also be breaking the African code.


5. Never ever shave your armpits

First of all you don’t play wrestling and you’re not a boxer, so what the hell are you doing reaching for the clippers for? JUST STOP IT.

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