Guy’s 411- Chapter 3

By Mandla Fakude

COUPLE making love french kiss hugging wallpapers (4)

1, Kiss her after she goes down on you, yes? No? I’m not sure either

Most men are on the fence when it comes to this one, but as a man you have to decide for yourself but at the same time bear in mind just how immature and insulting you’ll appear to the opposite sex if you turn your cheek.


2, No more running trains

You’re grown now, those days of laying pipe on the same chick with your friends are long gone, just look one bird down and relax mann.


3, No butt licking

There’s just no on the fence with this one, if you ever find yourself licking or thinking of licking a girl’s anus just know that you’re messed up and you need help, let’s leave that one to the monkeys and wh…


4, Mama comes first
As a man before you go out to Taboo to pop bottles and spend R10 000 please just make sure that you mother back at home is not short of food or decent furniture


5, Get a driver’s licence

Unless your circumstance are extremely bad and you can’t afford to get a licence, then is understandable, but as a man you must make sure you get your driver’s license in your early twenties, nothing as heartbreaking as a 35 year old man struggling with clutch control and causing traffic.

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