Have You Read The 10 Commandments For Not Being A Fuckboy? They’re Genius


There’s no worse type of man, sorry boy, than a fuckboy, and finally someone has put together a list of rules for our fellow mankind to halt the growing population of said individuals at a reading comprehension level even an eighth-grader could understand.

God bless this man.

In a post on the Medium boldly titled “Don’t be a Fuckboy –don’t, just don’t…” is a list of Ten Whack Commandments written by Joel Leon essentially geared at keeping the opposite sex from having sucker attacks every time their affections aren’t reciprocated and providing evidence for the general premise that chivalry is dead. The commandments are as follows:


If you’re a good guy, you don’t gotta keep saying you’re a good guy. In fact, just stop saying who and what you are and:

A. Let others do that for you and —

B. Just do the things that SHOW who you are. Normally, it’s the dude puffing his chest out in the quest to be the all mighty alpha, that has the least valuable thing to add to the conversation.

Also, just shut the fuck up more often. Period.


If she turns you down, walk away, holmes. Like, really. Do some yoga, contemplate life, jog around the block, call ya’ moms…


But, whatever you do, leave her the fuck alone, bruh.


Give up ya’ seat, fam. On the bus, On the train. Like, I get it. You had a hard day, too. You was at ya’ desk flirting with ya’ work wife, or you was standing up all day at the construction site working for The Man. I feel you. But, she had to go through shit you can’t even fathom. Plus, its just a nice fucking thing to do. It ain’t that serious.

You can sit yo’ ass down when you get home. I know you got a couch at the crib, shun.


Be honest. Like, I done had some very fuckboy moments. I’ve lied, I’ve cheated, made promises I ain’t keep, ran from situations with no real explanation as to why.

All you got is ya’ word. Stand by it.
Stand behind it. if you are honest FROM THE JUMP, it just saves you a whole lotta trouble. Someone may still get hurt or even hate your existence, but hey, at least you can say you were upfront. Intentions are everything. EVERYTHING. Be aware of yours. Be honest with the people in your life, But most importantly, be yourself.


Stop trying to police feelings, hair, body parts, clothing…


Yes, we live in a free society, with free will. Deal. People will do and/or say what they want, how they want, and when they wanna do it.

Yes, you can have an opinion. but said opinion does not have to be demeaning or offensive. She’s breastfeeding in public? That bothers you? You saying anything gonna make her say, “You know what, lemme stop doing this natural thing with my natural body that yo’ natural ass momma did for you when you was a little ass person?”

Nah. So stop.

She’s twerking? Bet ya’ moms woulda twerked for MLK if he came down 138th and the Grand Concourse.
Check why YOU’RE offended, homie.

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