Introducing Ashley Madai


1.Tell us where you from and describe yourself briefly?
I am initially from Eldorado Park, but I live in Westbury now. Having to describe myself would probably have to be the hardest, because I am the type of person you need to get to know to partially understand. I am a hard worker and strive for success. I’m friendly; don’t expect everyone to like me, because if everyone liked me, then I’m doing something wrong. God first, success second, and relationships last.

2.Why did you join A.M.B Girls?
It’s a stepping stone into a successful world allowing curvaceous young ladies to be proud of who the are. Like Beyonce says “Pretty hurts”. Why pretty, pretty fades and beauty be remains?

3.What kind of work are interested in doing with A.M.B girls?
Presenting, Modeling, Acting, Video vixen, Community service and much more.

4.What misconceptions do people have about you?
The fact that I’m kind and really easy to forgive and forget, then they think I’m taking it but nah niggles hold up. I aint got time to be faking nun if Jesus could forgive me by dying a brutal death on the cross for me, why shouldn’t I forgive you for hurting my feelings temporary?HY PROD. 078 791 3856-8_1004 copy (2)

5.What does it mean to you being an African woman in this day and age?
Embracing the beauty of an African lady, originality and loyalty to who you are.

6.Future plans, what do you see yourself doing in the near future?
I really enjoy corporate law, so I say taking the business world by storm, hopefully.

7.In your years of living so far, what have you learned about life?
You get out life what you put into it. God won’t give a cross you cannot bear. Failure is not virtue and success is not final. The only problem with stars is they die out too and new ones are born. So why focus on failure when you can make it better with time.

8.What do you do for fun?
I love soccer whether it is watching it or playing it, I’m not that good though. I enjoy dancing, swimming, chilling with friends and family, eating and sleeping.

9.Single or involved?

10.Favourite body part on a man?

11.what do you look for in a man?
Loyalty, honesty and trust.

12.What do you think makes a relationship last?
Honesty, it’s all about being real.HY PROD. 078 791 3856-6_1004 copy

13.Male SA celeb you have a crush on?
None, even though I think AKA is real fine

14.I’m sure you get hit on a lot, give us a few of the most odd stories or pickup lines you’ve heard?
Wow, LOL they all say wack

15.Do you want to get married and how many kids do you want?
Yes I would like to get married; I think I would like to have 2 children.

16.Favourite body part?


17.Which woman inspires you the most in S.A?
Ambitious women inspire me, the strength of striving for something even after you fail, that makes give props.

18.If you won 5 million, what would you do with it?
I would buy myself a house, a car; the rest would go to charity. My parents and invest the others

19.On which social network can people interact with you?
Facebook: Asha Madai
Twitter @Feisty_Asha

HY PROD. 078 791 3856-14_1004 copy (2)                                                 

                                                   2 options questions

1.Beyonce or Rihanna

2.Jay-z or Nas

3.Khanyi Dhlomo or Basetsana Khumalo

4.Lunga Tshabalala or Sizwe Dhlomo

5.Hip Hop or House Music

6.Generations or Isibaya

7.Big, medium or small

8.BMW or Merc
Both ( I prefer the sports versions though, I like fast cars)HY PROD. 078 791 3856-12_1004 copy

9.Club or house party

10.90 days rules or it depends on chemistry
Make me your wife, not your satisfaction

11.Zuma or Thabo Mbeki

12.Julius Malema or Dr Malinga
Dr. Malinga

13.Trevor Noah or Loyiso Gola
Trevor Noah

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