Poor folks keep having more kids than well off folks, mara why?

By Hashim Chillemba

This is quite a marvel of confusion for a large flock of people, you as well right? It really softens the skull while hardening the brain.

They say ‘you’d only really know and understand if you’re in that position’, that’s clearly rotted comedy, homemade water bed to sleep better at night. Around us there is a tiny percentage of people who aren’t do economically blessed and still carry their sane brains on their necks, no kids they can’t financially support. And the opulent, they didn’t have kids before achieving why? They nurtured their focused minds too. It’s a plain linear practice no why do we have a whale size number of destitute people having 5, 7 children while the financially fortunate only have 1 or 2? Then it occurs as a shard of truth that penurious people with a bunch of kids simply are without basic education and perhaps the most common of common sense.

Family planning is not a tiki worn as a pendant by some god in another dimension. It’s next to all of us at all times and everyone can and should apply it. But, miraculously most of those below the poverty line seem to just ignore or have never heard of family planning. Maybe they enjoy being have-nots. This doesn’t merely scream disappointment, it also mimes education doesn’t reach a surprisingly heavy number of people out there, because there are more of them bustling, jostling for peanuts rewarding jobs and begging in town centers, in actuality everywhere. The terrible effect is so intense it’s palpable. Maybe that’s one of the reasons they don’t get much help from those who have, beggars sometimes appear to deserve most bits of their suffering.

Go to school, swot your eyes off, toil for bigger pay checks, the only time one in this positions gets the chance to think procreation is after accomplishing a few big things like house, car, security and other things – mistakes happen but let’s keep them out of the brackets – but most of the poor who can’t even afford basically anything worthy in this life and because of that they don’t have much else to put a thought into, chiefly reproduction shrink-wrapped with irresistible pleasure. Sex is the alcohol supposed to help with letting off stress steam. Their women are the only 24/7 TV programme, radio station and favourite social network to log into. Sigh?
Nevertheless, there still isn’t a simple, solid, universal, logical sliver of reasoning available to why they keep letting kids run the gauntlets in this world that’s economically scorned by life herself, in pennilessness. The issue at hand looks to be more complex, deeper than the science conducting life in the Marianas Trench.

Okay fine, a mistake, why repeat it? This confusion will seemingly remain this way for a while, but one thing tangibly believable: Poverty is a mind bender. To ones in it, one out with it and out of it.

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