Small Gestures That Women Love


#1 Unexpected Hug from Behind
A hug from behind says you wanted to be close to her so badly that you couldn’t even wait for her to turn around. Especially when it’s a surprise, it’s a great way to show you care. Make sure it’s your girlfriend though, random girls aren’t as enthused with surprise hugs.

#2 Give Her Precise Compliments
Rather than saying “you look pretty” (actually, you should say that too) compliment her on a specific piece of jewelry, or the way her hair looks, or the color of her dress. It’s more authentic than a blanket compliment. Compliment her often but not so much that it becomes insincere.

#3 Walk Between Her and the Street
Chivalry isn’t dead and it’s nice to let her know you care about her. Don’t demand it, but when walking on the sidewalk subtly staying between her and traffic is incredibly sweet. This guy and his wife seem like they’ve been together for a while, so it clearly works

#4 Write a Note on Special Occasions
Holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, or Thursdays, whenever you get her a gift include a handwritten note. It doesn’t have to be long, but something more than a To: _____ From:____. Chances are she’ll end up cherishing it more than the present itself…maybe.

#5 Put Your Arm Around Her and Rub Her Arm
A persons arm might be the most platonic place on the body, which is why it’s such a cute spot to rub. It says I care about you so much I just want to touch you and it doesn’t matter where. The arm touching here is in a not so platonic way, but you get the idea.

#6 Hand on Her Back As You Walk in a Crowd
Not in a forceful or territorial way, but more to asure that she’s still there next to you. It also shows how proud you are to be with her. Just ask Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

#7 Bring Up Details from Past Conversations
Girls know they drone on sometimes, but it’s the boyfriend’s duty to listen. Let her know you’ve been listening by casually bringing up things she’s mentioned in past conversations. In fact this one can be applied to all your friends, not just that special someone.

#8 Don’t Ask Just Do It
Whether it’s the dishes, bringing her home takeout, or cleaning up a mess she made, it’s nice to do stuff without mentioning it. And when she notices you doing something she easily could’ve missed it’s more authentically kind. Everyone appreciate this sort of gesture, but especially girlfriends.


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