10 Things Women Find Unattractive in Men But Probably Won’t Tell You


1) Lack of Confidence
While unattainable goals, bragging and lying are bad enough, a lack of confidence in your abilities is the worst thing a woman can find out about a guy. If a guy can’t show that he’s going somewhere in his life or that he pushes himself to achieve substantial goals, he’s never going to end up with the woman of his dreams

2) Bad Manners
Remember all those times your mom told you not to burp at the table or fart in the living room? That was her teaching you how to be in a relationship without driving the woman away.
Likewise, if your house or apartment is a disaster, clean it up. Having a messy place is a good way to keep women out of your pad.

3) The Untrained Alpha Dog
Don’t be the idiot who starts fights over nothing. In fact, don’t be the idiot that starts fights at all. There is pretty much only one acceptable reason you should be fighting in public and that’s if you’re standing up for a woman. Otherwise, you’ll be tagged by the ladies around you as a hothead and likely be avoided.

4) Poor Hygiene
Bathe yourselves, guys. Not only will proper hygiene (including your teeth) keep your healthier and living longer, but you will be a lot more comfortable throughout your day and be much more attractive overall. Take care of the facial hair, get a haircut from time to time and please, please shower regularly.

5) Unfunny/No Sense of Humor
You don’t have to be able to deliver jokes with perfect timing or be killer with impressions, but women can only take so much of the super-serious guy. Shared laughter and humor go hand in hand with a great relationship, and if you never smile or you can’t get your woman to, she’s going to drop you quick.

6) Lying
Nothing will get you in hot water faster than lying to a woman. And, the more you tell, the more likely you’re going to be caught. If you feel like you have to lie to impress or keep a woman, you’re probably not heading down the right path and might want to consider a different approach to life.

8) Faking Niceness
While being fake in general is enough to push a woman away, faking niceness will only make guys come off as creeps. Women can even kind of understand the bad-boy routine where aggression or badassness is faked, as it means they can easily pull the guy into reality. Fake niceness, on the other hand, is a weird problem all its own

9) Unattainable Goals
A man with goals and ambitions is a good thing. Having goals that everybody but you know are going to fail isn’t so good. In fact, the kind of guys with lofty goals who don’t have the skill, talent or education to pull them off are just going to be those guys sitting in front of the supermarket trying sell burned albums for R5 each.

10) Unkempt Hair
While you might think it looks clever or cute or tough or whatever the hell you are trying to get to with your style, the truth of the matter is that women don’t want to see your hair looking rough, dirty, greasy or just otherwise unkempt in any way.
Purposeful bedhead is okay. Being truthfully dirty is not

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